Creating beauty through
eco-friendly & sustainable landscaping & lawn care

Everybody wants to come home to a beautiful and healthy yard, but it’s not always as simple as it should be.


Sustainable landscaping sounds great, but what does that actually mean, and how do you do that in your own yard?


It’s quite common for companies to use words like “eco-friendly and sustainable,” but their practices don’t often reflect much of a change.


Many companies are using chemicals that are harmful to the environment and are linked to a number of illnesses, including cancer.

You should be able to have a healthy, beautiful yard without harming the environment or risking your health.


A better approach to landscaping & lawncare

At Rozelle, this shift towards eco-friendly landscaping comes out of a deep desire to take good care of the earth and protect our team members and our customers from hazardous chemicals.

Affordability over inaccessibility

A better environment is more important than our bottom line. That is why we do our best to make best practices accessible to your budget.

Organic over chemicals

You should have a lawn that’s beautiful and healthy. Our custom organic applications improve soil and we are drastically reducing spraying toxic chemicals.

Native over exotic plants

Instead of using plants from outside of our region, we use mostly native plants, which are better suited to thrive and also provide food and habitat for birds, butterflies, and pollinators.

Interaction over extra work

Interact with nature in everyday life. We always look for creative opportunities to reduce your lawn maintenance and actively enjoy your yard.

Since we've started...

We’ve reduced the use of chemicals in our lawn care programs by 90%.
We’re always learning and looking for new ways to incorporate organics into our lawn programs and reduce our use of toxic chemicals, making your yard healthier for your family and pets.
We’ve received Masters-level schooling in environmental education as we pursue extensive research in ethical landscape practices.

Our services

Restorative Landscape Design

Creating environments that promote beauty, human wellness, support wildlife, and reduce the effects of climate change.

Eco-Lawn Programs

Have a beautiful lawn and also make health a top priority. Your health and the health of your lawn are important to us!


Host backyard parties, read a book by a fountain on a stunning patio, or make your space more inviting with a beautiful walkway.

Winter Maintenance

Get the most out of your lawn and landscaping in the warm seasons with the right preparation before winter hits.

Before working with Rozelle, our landscaping was out of control, overgrown, and too much to handle. Rozelle came in and not only cleaned everything up, but also provided us with an incredible experience. We learned unique ways to interact with our yard on a regular basis, discovered how the plants in our landscaping are native to our region, and even had fun planting our very first garden! This process was so interesting and fun!

Conner M.

Where do we begin?

Dream with us

We’ll start with a meeting where we can dream together about what your project could become. We’ll work with any dream or any budget.

Develop a plan

From our initial meeting, we’ll put some sketches together, get your approval, and set some dates on the calendar (either project-based or recurring).

Come home to beauty

Whether you’re looking for a complete makeover or careful maintenance, you can be sure you’ll come home to something beautiful.

Get a free resource!

Get a free resource!

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