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About Us

Restoring beauty, harmony & health to the land through our work as ecological landscapers

Our Core Values

Growing in Whole Health

It is not a perfect world, and yet we imagine a place that could be if we stay open to learning, take responsibility, and make changes to take better care of the earth. We find that when we reciprocate care and do work of restoring good health back to the land, we receive gifts that aid in our good health.

“Action on behalf of life transforms. Because the relationship between self and the world is reciprocal, it is not a question of first getting enlightened or saved and then acting. As we work to heal the earth, the earth heals us.”
– Robin Wall-Kimmerer

Harmony is Beauty

As ecological landscapers, we seek beauty through care, where reciprocity serves as our guide. We ask, “If the means to achieve results are harmful to health, then shouldn’t we reevaluate our goals & use different means to achieve the results we seek?”

Is a lawn beautiful if we have used toxic chemicals to maintain it? Is a landscape beautiful if local wildlife cannot live in it?

Rozelle uses a variety of organic and non-toxic methods in caring for lawns. We use a diversity of native plants in our landscape design projects. By facilitating a healthy, biodiverse landscape, wildlife will flourish & harmony is restored. As your landscape becomes a healthy habitat, it will reconnect you in ways that add beauty and harmony to your life.

Care for People & Place

It is Rozelle’s responsibility to care for people and place. When we restore health to the land, a yard becomes more than a pretty thing to look at — it becomes a place of well-being for our customers and local wildlife.

We care for our employees by helping them to learn and grow and by encouraging them to take good care of themselves. We provide good living wages and benefits and help them find hope through a vision for future growth and opportunity. We empower employees to become their best selves.

“One can love only a few things in life, and it is the things we love which take our whole interest and out of which we can bring forth the best we have.”


Learn from the Natural World

We simply enjoy the process of learning. Learning is fascinating and energizing. Our work helps to bring others into the exhilarating feeling of learning something new when they experience the natural world around them.

Connect with the Natural World

We are burdened that most in America have forgotten their connection to the land. We believe it is our mission to help others see the beauty that comes out of caring for land and reconnecting with nature.

Sustain the Natural World

In all of our projects, we refuse to use any plant that compromises the health of the environment. We strive to only use practices that encourage biodiversity. Our work in many customers’ yards helps to create habitat, invite nature, and bring peace to neighborhoods around Fort Wayne.


Investing in the development of landscaping professionals

At Rozelle Lawn & Landscape, we believe in nurturing and empowering the future of the landscape industry through our Apprenticeship Program. We’re committed to providing high-quality landscaping services to our customers while fostering the growth and development of new professionals. By investing in education and training, we ensure that you receive unparalleled service from a team that’s passionate about sustainable and healthy landscaping practices.

  • Hands-on learning connected to real-world projects
  • Intentional cultivation of skills, character, and leadership
  • Multi-generational mentorship
  • Place-based engagement with the local community
  • Application of entrepreneurial principles and practices

Meet Jay Rozelle

Owner and Founder of Rozelle Lawn & Landscape

Hi there! In addition to all things landscaping, I am also an environmental educator who is passionate about helping people reconnect with nature. So often, we go to visit places like nature preserves and state and national parks to enjoy beauty and to feel refreshed. The problem is, most built landscapes around Fort Wayne do not provide the substance we need for beauty, for our good health, and for the health of the environment. It is my hope that in serving you, you learn about the importance of caring for the environment and will begin to make small changes in your yard for beauty and biodiversity to thrive.

Learn More About Jay

“Art must be a guide, a leader, in the evolution of mankind toward a higher spiritual goal. None of the arts is more able to do this than that of the garden. It is a living expression of peace and happiness, and therefore a great influence in the forming of a people.”


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