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Organic, environmentally friendly fertilizing

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The need for sustainable lawn care practices

Fertilizer Ineffectiveness

More fertilizer and pesticides are applied per square foot on home lawns than on agriculture fields. Sadly, much of the actual synthetic fertilizer that is applied isn’t used by your grass; some of it goes into the air and our waterways. By incorporating organics into our programs, we help to alleviate these problems.

Pesticide Overuse

In the lawn care industry, it’s common to apply unnecessary amounts of pesticides. If you had a cut on your finger, you wouldn’t put bandages all over your entire body—you’d put one over the cut on your finger. Similarly, most lawn care companies are spraying the entire lawn with weed killer when there are only a few weeds that need to be sprayed.

Pesticide Dangers

Blanket spraying is unnecessary and, in our opinion, unethical. Unfortunately, by using so many harsh pesticides, many companies are causing risks to the health of their clients and their pets, their employees, and local wildlife like pollinators and birds.

There are very few companies in Fort Wayne offering any viable, sustainable alternatives — until now…

It is our belief that you can have a nice, green lawn and also make health a top priority. The health of our clients, our employees, your lawn, and the environment are important to us!

Our Eco-Lawn Care Approach & Programs

Decreased use of chemicals = no more toxic herbicides used for cosmetic broadleaf weed control

Healthier alternatives for weed control

Organic amendments to improve soil health

Applying better grass seed to improve drought tolerance and disease resistance

Fully Organic Program

OMRI listed organic products to best care for you, your lawn, and the environment. We will offer recommendations to best suit your lawn’s needs.

  • 3 applications of organic fertilizer to build topsoil, lower soil pH, help your lawn hold more water, and promote healthy, living soil
  • 2-3 applications of organic liquid biologicals to stimulate life in the soil, promote root growth and correct poor soils
  • Add-on: Organic Sulfur to lower soil pH
  • Add-on: Organic Grub Control
  • Add-on: Safer Weed control
    *See below

Eco-Lawn Premium Program

This is a hybrid program which utilizes both organic and synthetic products

Designed to address the specific needs of lawns in new neighborhoods and poor soil lawns. Also for lawns with sprinkler systems.

  • 4 applications of fertilizer chosen to help lower soil pH
  • 3 applications of organic liquid biologicals to stimulate root growth and correct poor soils
  • Includes low toxicity grub control
  • Add-on: Organic Grub Control
  • Add-on: Safer Weed control
    *See below

Eco-Lawn Basic Program

This is a hybrid program which utilizes both organic and synthetic products

A budget-friendly option designed to improve an older, more mature lawn.

  • 3 applications of fertilizer chosen to help lower soil pH
  • 2 applications of organic liquid biologicals to stimulate root growth and maintain healthy soils
  • Includes low toxicity grub control
  • Add-on: Organic Grub Control
  • Add-on: Safer Weed control
    *See below

Safer Weed Control Program

  • Weed control is not part of any of our fertilizing programs, it is offered as an add-on service.
  • Does not contain the synthetic weed chemicals 2,4-D or Dicamba.
  • Low-toxicity applications for weed control. A game changer in the organic lawn care industry, the first effective weed killer that does not contain toxic synthetic compounds. Highly effective, no unpleasant odor.
  • 3 applications of low-tox weed control applied at key times during the season. *May leave a stain on concrete, pavers or other lightly colored areas; we do our best to avoid such areas when spraying turf.

Special Note: As your soil improves and you follow our maintenance guidelines, you should transition to our fully organic program.

Eco-Lawn FAQs

What will the Eco-Lawn program do?

  • Help build healthy soil and grass by introducing microbes and beneficial bacteria and fertilizer
  • As your soil improves, your grass roots will become more plentiful and grow deeper.
  • As grass roots grow deeper and multiply, your lawn will eventually need less fertilizer
  • Your lawn will be more resistant to weeds, insect damage, and disease, and become more drought tolerant.

Why isn't weed control included?

Non-toxic, safer weed control options are much more expensive than toxic chemical herbicides. In an effort to keep costs down, we have removed weed control from the fertilization programs and made it an add-on service upon request.

If you can tolerate some weeds, then you can opt-out of that service. If you want a weed-free lawn, you should include the safer weed control in your lawn service.

Otherwise, we can spot spray weeds at your request on a time/material charge.

Will I get weeds in my lawn?

We expect that you may see a few more weeds throughout the year. We can help you establish a thick, dense lawn that will help choke out weeds naturally. When some weeds do come, we can take care of them with safer products at your request.

*See below for tips to naturally suppress weeds

What are other companies doing?

To our knowledge, no other companies in Fort Wayne are committed to reducing and eliminating toxic chemical weed control to this degree. Other companies use toxic chemicals in their programs to kill weeds and other pests which put you, your pets, and the environment at an increased risk of health issues.

We hope you’ll continue to work with us to care for your yard. Your trust and investment in supporting these efforts brings health and beauty to the front of your home.

How can I naturally suppress weeds in my yard?

You can help suppress weeds and crabgrass by following these easy steps:

  1. If your yard is thin or shaded, aeration and overseeding should be part of your natural weed control practice.
  2. Follow watering tips after seeding.
  3. Water the lawn during hot and dry periods. Watering should be deep and infrequent. Watering for 1-2 hours once per week is a good rule of thumb.
  4. Don’t scalp edges of lawn along sidewalks, driveway, curbs, etc.
  5. Mow lawn at a length of 3.5 to 4 inches. Don’t mow shorter than 3.5”.
  6. Don’t bag your grass. Grass clippings return nutrients back to your yard.

Still have questions?

View Our Full Lawn Care FAQ

Organic Treatments

Our organic treatments are integral to maintaining your yard in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.

Improved soil

Many yards around Fort Wayne were built on depleted agricultural fields and are compacted from development by heavy machinery. If we do not build the soil, our lawns will struggle. We have developed programs to improve the soil in your yard so that your grass has the best growing conditions. Most conventional programs actually harm soil health. Ours will improve it!

A more resilient yard

Our Eco-Lawn Programs provide slow-release fertilizer while helping to lower the pH of the soil. Many yards in our area have high soil pH. When the pH is high, beneficial nutrients become locked up in the soil, and the grass can’t take those nutrients up. Our Eco-Lawn Programs add organic microbes to the soil which help to remove thatch and stimulate root development so that your yard becomes more resilient during times of drought and insect damage.

Our stress-free process

Free estimate

We will come by your house to measure your lawn and answer any questions.

Pick your program

When you chose an Eco-Lawn Program, you are helping to remove toxic chemicals from the environment and to restore health back to your yard.

Sit back and relax

Your work is done—our team will come by and take care of the rest!


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