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What to expect

What we offer

  • Site Visit: A Rozelle professional will assess your property to understand your maintenance needs.
  • Complimentary Consultation: The first visit is on us.
  • Estimate Delivery: Receive a detailed estimate via email, complete with a project timeline.
  • Straightforward Renovation: Perfect for clients seeking direct landscaping enhancements.
  • No Initial Fee: We evaluate your project’s needs for free.
  • Estimate and Scope: An emailed estimate will follow, outlining the required materials and scope.
  • Custom Landscape Design: For those dreaming of a unique landscape design.
  • Design Process: After a free consultation, we draft a scaled landscape design, including a maintenance plan post-project.
  • Design Ownership: The design is yours, whether or not you choose Rozelle for installation.
  • Design Fees:
    • $200 for front or back landscaping (up to 2000 sq ft)
    • $400 for full property projects (up to 4000 sq ft)
    • Projects exceeding 4000 sq ft will have customized fees.
  • Fee Deduction: Half of the design fee is credited towards the installation cost.
  • Deposits: After the project is approved, 25% deposit will be required to secure a place on our schedule, 25% will be due at the start of the project & the remaining balance will be due at completion of project.
  • Our expert-led sessions are designed to enrich your landscaping skills and deepen your connection with your outdoor space.
  • Topics include pruning, seasonal care, sustainable design, and integrating vegetables into your landscape.
  • Pricing:
    • $350 for 2 hours
    • $450 for 3 hours
    • $550 for 4 hours