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How We Serve You

A complete list of our services

Landscape & Hardscape

Design and Install

  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Retaining walls
  • Accent boulder placement
  • Waterfeatures
  • *We’re experienced in designing and installing both natural stone and pavers

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Sustainable Fertilization Programs


  • Visit 1: Apply organic soil conditioner to lawn
  • Visit 2: Broadcast seed on lawn using turf seed mix that is naturally more resistant to grub damage and diseases.
  • Visit 3: Fertilize yard
  • Visit 4: Spray yard with nutrient Iron & herbicide-free weed killer
  • Visit 5: Fertilize yard and apply environmentally friendly preventative grub treatment
  • Visit 6: Fertilize yard, spot spray yard for weeds
  • Visit 7: Apply winterization fertilizer to lawn
  • Visit 8: Apply organic sulfur to lawn


  • Visit 1: Apply organic soil conditioner
  • Visit 2: Fertilize yard
  • Visit 3: Fertilize yard, spot spray yard for weeds
  • Visit 4: Fertilize yard and apply environmentally friendly preventative grub treatment
  • Visit 5: Fertilize yard, spot spray yard for weeds
  • Visit 6: Apply winterization fertilizer to lawn
  • Visit 7: Apply organic sulfur to lawn


  • Visit 1: Fertilize yard
  • Visit 2: Fertilize yard, spot spray yard for weeds
  • Visit 3: Fertilize yard and apply environmentally friendly preventative grub treatment
  • Visit 4: Fertilize yard, spot spray yard for weeds
  • Visit 5: Apply winterization fertilizer to lawn

Make sure your lawn stays beautiful.

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Winter Care

Dormant Pruning and Snow & Ice Removal


Pruning trees during dormant season is an ideal time due to inactive growth and low temperatures. Dormant pruning helps trees and shrubs endure damage from severe winter weather, beginning the process for healthy growth in the spring. When it comes to the health of your trees and shrubs, the best time to consider pruning is late fall through the winter.

Trees pruned during dormant-­season are less susceptible to disease and insects.

Fresh pruning cuts and bruises generally heal faster during dormant season and are also less likely to attract disease-­carrying insects. Pruning during the infectious spring and summer seasons carries the risk of spreading disease to trees. In warmer seasons, for example, pruning cuts lure fungus-spreading beetles. If there is disease or damage already present, it’s also more visible because the trees are bare from losing their leaves.

Dormant pruning saves time and money.

Our professional pruning team values time-­efficient pruning solutions as much as our customers. When dormant ­season arrives, we have optimal access to trees that need pruning. Limbs are lighter and easier to handle, and leafless tree structures are easier to see. Since branching patterns are most visible in the winter, the core of the tree or shrub can be pruned to maintain an optimal form.

Winterizing plants allows for better new growth.

Trees are healthiest when maintained during dormant ­season before the new growth begins next spring. Pruning after the onset of new growth can limit the plant’s bloom potential for the year. Dormant pruning aids in allowing for less stress on trees and for robust new growth in plants that bloom in the spring and summer.

Small investments in your trees and shrubs makes a big difference. Dormant pruning pays off when spring rolls around. By working with our customers to maintain healthy trees and shrubs, we are committed to providing consistent pruning services during the optimal dormant period.


Residential, Commercial, and Other Public Areas

  • Remove snow from all walkways and driveways using snow blowers and shovels
  • Plow snow from parking lots and detail curb edges
  • Plow snow from roads

*Optional: Ice Melt Program – Apply salt and/or ice melt, for an additional cost.

Prepare for Spring when Winter hits.

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More Services

Lawn Mowing Weekly Program

At Rozelle Lawn and Landscape we offer regular Lawn Care and Lawn Mowing services to all of our clients in the greater Fort Wayne area. Our Lawn Care features include:

  • Remove any normal lawn debris from mowing areas (i.e. trash, sticks)
  • Mow all grass on property, maintaining a 3 to 3 1/2 inch cut
  • String trim around all trees, fences, and buildings
  • Edge all curbing, sidewalks, and driveways on a weekly basis
  • Edge all landscape beds bi-weekly (we will do this if we are contracted to do the initial bed edging in early spring)
  • Blow grass clippings from all paved surfaces and landscape beds

*Optional:  Bag lawn clippings and haul away, for an additional cost.

Spring Landscape & Lawn Cleanup

  • Clean yard, lawn and landscape beds of any debris including leaves, sticks, limbs, and any perennials and haul away
  • Blow leaves out of shrubs and haul away
  • Cut down ornamental grasses and haul away

Bed Edging & Mulch Program

  • Remove any weeds from landscape beds and haul away
  • Edge all beds around home, buildings, and trees
  • Remove any sod from edging and haul away
  • Mulch all beds using fine, dark hardwood mulch (other mulch varieties available upon request)
  • Clean job site upon completion of mulching

Pre-Emergent Application:  We will apply pre-emergent weed control to all beds prior to mulching for an additional cost. This greatly helps to keep weeds from coming up in your beds and thus help to reduce your bed maintenance throughout the season.

Summer Annual Flower Displays

  • Purchase annual flowers, potting soils, and fertilizer
  • Plant flowers in landscape beds
  • Plant flowers in decorative pots at entrances, doorways, walkways, and patio areas
  • Apply fertilizer to flower displays
  • Maintain flower displays for the season including removing dead flower heads and removing any weeds from display areas

Optional:  Weekly Watering Schedule, available for an additional cost. This includes watering, light fertilizer application, and pruning as needed. This will greatly increase the life and beauty of your flowers all year long.

Seasonal Bed Maintenance Program

  • Maintain all landscape beds on property for the entire season
  • Includes the following:
    • Spraying weeds with herbicide
    • Pulling weeds by hand and hauling away debris
    • Removing any grass encroaching into beds and hauling away debris

Shrub & Tree Program

  • Remove any dead limbs in shrubs and trees
  • Prune shrubs by hand (certain shrubs should be pruned rather than sheared)
  • Trim shrubs once in the late spring and again in the fall
  • Clean beds of all shrub clippings and haul away debris
  • Prune any low-hanging branches of trees on property and haul away debris

*Optional:  Shrub Fertilizer Program – We will apply fertilizer to shrubs and trees, for an additional cost.

Core Aeration & Overseeding

  • Remove “core plugs” over entire lawn
  • Over-seed lawn with premium turf seed (type of seed used will be based on existing lawn)

Core Aeration helps to do the following:


  • Promote a healthy, lush green lawn
  • Loosens compacted soil
  • Allow more space for grass roots to grow
  • Allow for rain and nutrients to better reach the grass roots

Fall Landscape Cleanup Program

  • Remove leaves from lawn areas
  • Remove leaves, sticks, and limbs from all landscape beds
  • Cut perennials and haul away debris
  • Blow leaves out from shrubs
  • Place debris in neat piles along curbs for city to pick-up

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