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Rural Retreat

From a blank canvas to a landscape filled with a diversity of native plants where maintenance requirements will decrease over time.



Our client has a beautiful new home that sits on three rural acres outside the quaint village of Roanoke, Indiana. Although our client doesn’t mind mowing grass, they knew they wanted lots of blooming plants as well. We knew that watering and weeding would pose a problem on such a large property, so we needed to create a landscape using plants that would grow deep roots quickly and would be easy to maintain.

PLANTS USED: Prairie dropseed, butterfly milkweed, marsh blazing star, purple coneflower, lanceleaf coreopsis


Honoring our client’s preferences, we carefully selected a diverse collection of native grasses and flowering perennials that would root much deeper than turf grass and in turn, decrease the need for watering. Rather than having a boring, flat grassy yard surrounding the home, we added some large dynamic swaths of plants nearby in easy view of the house. These large planting beds were created to mimic a natural setting, like what you might see at a local nature preserve. The native plants in these prairie beds will naturally reproduce and fill in the open spaces so that the need to weed, mulch, and mow will be minimal. The planting beds around the home were planted strategically using low-growing native plants that would grow quickly, provide year-round interest, and invite birds and butterflies to come close.

PLANTS USED: Blue-eyed grass