Restorative Landscaping

Striving to create environments that promote human wellness, support wildlife, and reduce the effects of climate change.

Caring for the earth
starts at home.

Most of us take great pride in having a lush yard and don’t realize that many of the common landscape practices we use to maintain them are at times doing harm to us and the environment. From our experience, we have found that most people believe that high chemical, labor, and water inputs into their yards are problematic.  Most don’t know how to solve this problem.

That’s why we have devoted many years of researching a better way of designing and maintaining our yards.

Our Sustainable Approach


For us to consider changing our habits and shift our ideas of beauty, we must look at beauty and health differently.

Native Plants

By using plants that have adapted to our local setting, each plant has a purpose that allows for more animals and pollinators to feel right at home. (They may even make maintaining your yard easier!)

Daily Interaction

Whether it’s sharing recipes that call for ingredients found right in your backyard or creating a peaceful setting to relax in, we strive to create opportunities for you to connect with nature on a daily basis.

Sustainable Approach

In all of our projects we do our best to steer clear of using any plant or practice that compromises the health of the local environment. We believe it is possible to create beauty while also reducing our carbon footprint.


Contact us to transform your yard into a place that supports eco-health and beauty in our city.

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Our unique approach avoids causing harm to the environment while also helping you achieve the luscious lawn you are looking for.

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